Mark S. Schnitzer, M.S.E.E., M.D.

Mark S. Schnitzer, M.S.E.E., M.D.

InnovationMed Institute, established in March 2015, provides consulting and project management services for Technology, Healthcare, and Education industries.

Our Values:  Inspiration and Freedom

Our Vision:  To guide our clients to their desired future; a future that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Our Mission:  To be cause in the matter and a committed coach with our clients’ best interests always at the forefront.

Our Focus:  Leadership and Executive Coaching, Corporate Culture, Communications, and Marketing.

Our Commitment:  To help transform corporate culture, inspire innovative ideas, encourage strategies that expand the organization’s effectiveness, service area, and suite of services offered thereby increasing profitability and effectiveness.

The end results are organizations and with employees, faculty, staff, students, and customers who forward the global vision by pursuing their autonomy, mastery, and purpose.IMI logo ver2